The origin of Pla

To feel good about what we do and how we are doing it
In the heart of Majorca, far away from the tourist areas, there is a wide region of charming villages surrounded by nature where people live a pleasant life based on simple things. This is where Irene Peukes and Araceli Iranzo met by chance.
 Irene designs avant-garde clothes from hand woven fabrics which are then produced by craftswomen in Guatemala and Bangladesh. She supports groups of women and works together with the NGOs in those countries.
Araceli designs contemporary bags from palm leaves braided by Majorcan craftswomen who learned the trade as young girls and then took it up again in their retirement. In this way, they contribute to keeping this island tradition alive.
The idea for Pla came spontaneously as both Irene and Araceli are working at doing things differently. Taking traditional crafts as a starting point, they give them a new vision, creating quality designs, which are produced with respect for the individuals making them.
Irene, a shoe designer at Camper´s for 8 years, Irene had designed surprisingly updated shoes using the traditional craft of basket weaving. After years of research, it was possible to create a high quality shoe made from natural fibres.
Araceli, a publicist and founder of the advertising agency Kitchen before she came to live in Majorca, Araceli had the idea of developing a brand of unique accessories based on traditional crafts and responsible methods of production.
Together they decided to create Pla, an innovative shoe brand with a different style to be handmade in small quantities in several parts of the world from materials provided by Mother Nature herself -  a project that makes them feel good about what they are doing and how they are doing it.