Happy to say that the Pla shoes will be on sale in Japan

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March 1st, 2013


We never thought we would launch at the same time the Pla shoes in Spain than in Japan, but for those curious coincidences that occur in life it will happen. The Pla shoes will go on sale in Spring, in different stores in Tokyo, Osaka and Chiba.

If you are in Japan and want to know more about the shops, you can write to us at contacta@pla.org.es and we will give you the data so you can see and touch the Pla shoes. The shop shown in the images is Second, in Osaka. Cool, isn’t it?

We love Japan and we are happy that the Pla shoes will also be brand new there. And in particular, we are very grateful to Yohei T. for understanding so well the concept, for introducing it in Japan, and for all the support. Thank you for believing in Pla!